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RRN Highlights Engaging Rewards Experts in New Section on Portal

RRN at RewardsRecognitionNetwork.com has announced a new section on the RRN portal called Engaging Rewards Experts that highlights brands, fulfillment companies, gift card firms and technology suppliers dedicated to promoting the importance of the reward experience. This includes the scientific selection of reward strategies based on the people and organizational culture, as well as the use of customization and personalized presentation. Companies in the new Engaging Rewards Experts section showcase their ability to customize, personalize and maximize the reward experience using the power of their brands and support services. 
These founding companies committed to the reward experience and best practices also support RRN’s The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards eBook summarizing research and best practices. Says Bruce Bolger, Founder of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance: “Our surveys of leading fulfillment companies in the marketplace indicate that only about 15% of reward programs would comply with research-based standards for best practices related to the way they're selected, presented and designed to maximize the experience. Our goal is to increase that to 85% of the industry so that organizations achieve the full value of what non-cash rewards can provide in terms of inspiration and emotional connection.” 
The five founding companies in the Engaging Rewards Experts effort are: Bulova, Hinda, Maui Jim, Pulse Experiential Travel and Velocity B2B. The section will be continually updated and marketed as more brands, fulfillment companies, gift card suppliers and technology firms join the effort to promote the purposeful, creative selection and use of rewards to maximize their impact. The effort also includes:
  • A new focus at the Rewards & Recognition Expo at RandRexpo.com on helping exhibitors highlight their reward selection, technology, customization and personalization capabilities.
  • A new online learning platform based on The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards that includes an online learning platform available for free from all registered users. 
“Rewards generally go to an organization’s most important customers, so it makes no sense that most have become the equivalent of cash delivered anonymously," says Bolger "Organizations think nothing of spending huge sums on media planning, of which 90% is wasted on people who will never engage, and think little about a medium that is guaranteed to be consumed by almost everyone who receives it. We believe the reason is simple: Organizations either haven’t seen or absorbed the impact of the research.” Engaging Rewards Experts, he adds, can help create “unique packaging, combinations of products, personalization and experiences that establish an emotional connection. The research and logic affirm that rewards for everyone should be selected and presented with the same care as they are for athletes and entertainers.” 
Says Nick Gazivoda, Vice President of Sales for RRN and Director of the Rewards & Recognition Expo: “Our mission is to equip the industry with the knowledge necessary to help companies profit from best practices, especially in an era where an organization as prestigious as ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) has recognized the importance of rewards and recognition. We would like the 2018 Rewards & Recognition Expo in Galveston to be the first time that leading brands, fulfillment companies, gift card firms and technology companies come together to specifically share the unique ways they can take their brands and services to the next level based on all the years of research supporting this approach. Our goal is to showcase the full creativity and capability of this industry, which deserves much more credit than it gets for its size and impact.” 
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