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CarltonOne Engagement Launches Global Apple Rewards Store

Carlton OneNow almost any company in 58 countries can launch an Apple® Rewards Store within their own loyalty, recognition, incentive, or rewards program through CarltonOne technology.
CarltonOne Engagement, probably the world’s most widely used platform for B2B (business to business) employee recognition, sales incentives and customer loyalty, announces that it has partnered with Apple “to offer a seamless way for companies to bring their customers, members or employees a beautiful Apple shopping experience.” Click here for the CarltonOne web site information.
According to a company announcement, the Apple Rewards Store enables members of any loyalty, recognition, channel incentive or rewards program to redeem their points for a customizable range of Apple devices and services in 58 countries. That means that companies can now “offer the rewards that members want most, from the world’s most loved brand — now available in an Apple store right within their own engagement program. The system simplifies the shopping experience with a prominent Apple Rewards Store right on a member’s rewards gallery front page. It offers a customizable range of Apple products and servicesl integrates the Apple Rewards Store seamlessly into an existing rewards, recognition, loyalty or channel incentive platforms, and offers real-time order tracking with 24/7 global customer support.”  The company says that most clients can “connect, customize and launch within 10 days using the CarltonOne QuickConnect API.”
Explains CarltonOne founder and CEO Rob Purdy, “Apple rewards are the most popular and most redeemed items in our programs around the world. Our new Apple Rewards Store makes it easy for customers, member,  and employees to redeem their well-deserved program points for the Apple devices and services they love.”
In addition, “The Apple Rewards Store can be customized by partners and program managers to offer a curated selection of the Apple devices and services available in their country. Available products can include iPhone, AirPods, iPad, Mac computers, Apple TV and Apple Watches. The Apple Rewards Store checkout experience features easy model configuration, points redemption and a points top-up feature in local currency through Apple Pay or traditional credit card.”

Companies that do not have their own front-end program and points management program can use CarltonOne's Power2Motivate platform. The Apple products also will soon be available in CarltonOne's Kart employee store platform, explained below. 
CarltonOne Engagement positions itself as “a purpose-powered engagement platform that creates B2B social recognition, customer loyalty, rewards, and sales/channel incentive programs. With the goal to make every moment matter, the company offers Power2Motivate—a customizable enterprise and SME (small- to medium-size enterprise) engagement solution; Global Reward Solutions—a global supply chain enabling customized AI-personalized storefronts of over 10 million rewards across 185 countries; and Kart—a free shop and save benefit for employers. Each of these solutions  is linked to CarltonOne’s Evergrow sustainability mission to fight climate change with a unique eco-action business model that will fund the planting of 100 million trees every year by the end of 2024..
For general information, go to: carltonone.com/apple-rewards-store.

For details, contact Oscar Nieves, Director of Global Sales, at Onieves@carltonone.com, Director of Global Sales, or Nicolas Chaumartin, Chief Revenue Officer, at Nicolas.chaumartin@carltonone.com

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