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EEA YouTube Show: IRR ROI Measurement Remains Early Stage, Despite Great Promise

Published: Mar 20, 2023

Three incentive company executives with decades of experience along with a recognized industry research expert agree that the availability of program design capabilities and metrics far exceed the level of knowledge of most people who plan these programs, despite expenditures by organizations of often in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars each year. ... [ read more ]

Market Report: Event Gifting Comes Back With a Roar

Published: Mar 20, 2023

When Maui Jim first began the event-gifting experience concept about two decades ago, little did it know at the time that the business would grow into a significant industry category. RRN checked in with leading event gifting companies to find out what has happened in this category since the pandemic.... [ read more ]

Upcoming EEA BMC YouTube Show March 16, 2 pm ET: The State of ROI in Incentive and Recognition

Published: Mar 13, 2023

Despite hundreds of studies and how-to and reference guides on incentive and recognition program design, surveys and anecdotal conversations suggest that most programs undergo much less rigor in terms of measurement than many other business investments. This upcoming Enterprise Engagement Alliance Brand Media Coalition YouTube Show will include research experts and incentive company executives with decades of combined experience in the field to assess the state of ROI in the IRR (Incentive, Rewards, and Recognition) field. ... [ read more ]

Walmart Touts Employee Appreciation Gifts—A New Danger or Business as Usual?

Published: Mar 13, 2023

Millions of businesses around the US received an email or saw advertising from Walmart promoting its employee recognition gift shop ahead of Employee Appreciation Day on March 3. This is a signal that incentive, rewards, and recognition companies and even potentially technology companies in the IRR (Incentive, Rewards, and Recognition) field need to add value through expertise or risk being cut out of significant market opportunities.... [ read more ]

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