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RRN at RewardsRecognitionNetwork.com is the total rewards and experiences platform of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. It was founded as Motivation Strategies in 1996 and has continuously published since then. In the last year, over 240,000 business professionals accessed the web sites, e-newsletters, YouTube videos, and social media of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. While the names of people who read our e-newsletters is confidential, they include management in all areas of sales, marketing, and human resources, from the nation's largest companies and best-known engagement solution providers to a wide range of small-to-medium-size businesses.

Here is an overview of RRN at RewardsRecognitionNetwork.com, including our mission, vision, and editorial policies as well as an overview of our media, marketing, and business development services for suppliers of total rewards, including brands, retail gift cards, gifting and engagement technology firms, and suppliers of benefits and perquisites. 

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Mission, Vision, and Editorial Policies 

Business Development Services for Solution Providers
Annual Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Program
Other Business Development Services
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Mission, Vision, and Editorial Policies

Rewards Recognition Network (RRN) at RewardsRecognitionNetwork.com is the web version of a print magazine first published in 1996 under the name of Motivation Strategies. The Brand Media Coalition at BrandMediaCoalition.com is the latest version of online marketplaces published since 1996 that is now focused on educating businesses on the power of brands, gift cards and other awards and rewards to function as a medium to not only engage people in reward program but to enhance experiences for recipients. RRN and its BrandMediaCoalition.com marketplace are now published only on the web with all information distributed through weekly e-newsletters and social media. Published by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA), RRN provides the latest news, research insights, resources, trends, market reports and solution provider profiles on all aspects of total rewards, experiences, loyalty, and gifting, i.e. the incentive, rewards, and recognition (IRR) field.

Our purpose is to help organizations enhance returns for investors and owners by fostering the proactive involvement of all stakeholders through a transparent, scientific, and measurable approach to program design, measurement, rewards and recognition, experiences, gifting, and more. 

Our mission is to expand the IRR marketplace by helping to enhance and share its expertise with management in all areas of the economy who can benefit from a strategic approach to people.

We help readers in all areas of business, not-for-profits and government enhance the performance of their organizations and their own professional growth by providing useful information and supplier resources.

We help solution providers crystallize their value propositions and convey their benefits to professionals in an information-seeking, learning, planning, or buying mode.

RRN welcomes editorial submissions, including case studies of organizations committed to people and a strategic approach to total rewards, new product announcements, and guest articles in all areas of engagement, or even point-of-view articles from employees at any level of an organization. Email submissions to: Bolger@TheEEA.org

Our editorial policies. We publish news, new products, and profiles, whether or not an organization does business with us, including useful resources from an organization others might consider competitive to us. EEA Preferred Solution providers are covered with the same objectivity as any other company. This means that while RRN writes about the organizations committed to supporting the use of effective practices in total rewards and our efforts to share useful information, all organizations are treated the same in terms of editorial coverage focused on providing useful, concise, insightful or even fun or meaningful information. 

Artificial intelligence. The EEA uses AI for background information only and verifies any information used for publication. No information published in our media is generated by AI. We consider our intelligence to be superior to the current state of AI in terms of reporting on our field, since AI draws upon much of the content we and others in the field have created, and we have witnessed too many unreliable results to have confidence in its validity without verification.

Vital resources. RRN and its sister media platform ESM have the largest online library of resources on incentives, rewards, and recognition and the broader field of engagement and stakeholder management. 

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Click here for information on the Brand Engagement 360 outreach program with the Association of National Advertisers that includes detailed information on the Total Rewards field and the role of brands.
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Email Bolger@TheEEA.org for information on anything about Stakeholder Management, Enterprise Engagement, Human Capital Management, or total reports; or call 914-591-7600, ext. 230. 

Business Development Services for Solution Providers

As the primary media and marketing agency in the IRR field, we offer the most complete, efficient, and affordable business development solutions for suppliers of brands, retail gift cards, gifting and engagement technologies, recognition, benefits and perquisites.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance is the leading think tank, education organization, media company and is the only marketing agency focusing specifically on the enterprise engagement, stakeholder management, and the total rewards field. RRN and its Brand Media Coalition marketplace and outreach effort provide a unique array of highly efficient and measurable business development opportunities including digital, video, e-newsletter content marketing and e-commerce focused on the people most likely to buy. 

Our business development services include:

The Annual Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution programs to engage nearly 20,000 professionals searching each month for info on IRR and engagement employing a systematic, integrated digital, video, and e-newsletter content marketing and advertising program in RRN media coordinated with your own social media when possible to make yourself known to the top buyers and people in a planning mode. This includes the BMC Brand Club, a mall of transactional sites from leading industry players offering special deals for qualified business people and industry members to help spread the word about the IRR field, as well as the Effective Practices program to promote better program design and outcomes. Special content includes annual IRR Market Reports and the Effective Practices series.

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Other Business Development Services include brand purpose and unique selling proposition development; implementation of integrated permission-based social media and e-newsletter campaigns; creation of white papers, articles, speeches, live and recorded video programs. Click here for details.

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Enterprise Engagement Alliance at TheEEA.org
914-591-7600, ext. 230

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