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Library of Incentive, Rewards, and Recognition (IRR) Resources
Here is a regularly updated library of information resources in the IRR field.
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Promotional Distributors in the IRR Marketplace
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Industry Resources

provides regularly updated news, how-to, and reference information on rewards and recognition and EnterpriseEngagement.org offers complete coverage of the world of engagement.
The Incentive Research Foundation at TheIRF.org
This organization has the most complete library of information on the use of non-cash rewards of perhaps any central resource.
The Incentive Marketing Association at IncentiveMarketing.org
Anyone serious about using or selling incentive programs should take advantage of this organization’s learning and certification program.
The Incentive Federation at IncentiveFederation.org
The industry’s only lobbying organization and producer of the industry’s only annual studies.
World at Work at WorldatWork.org
The world’s leading organization focused on Total Rewards

Market Reports

Incentive Federation 2022 Study
The latest preliminary study estimates the market at $176 billion, up from $90 billion in 2016,
RRN 2022 Market Report
A mid-year update on the state of the Incentive, Recognition, and Rewards (IRR) industry.
IRR Industry Report 2022
A report produced in December 2021 forecasting trends for 2022.

Brand Media

The select use of brands and retail gift cards to more precisely reward and recognize while reinforcing your own organization’s brand.
One Hour Training Session on Selling Brand Media and Engagement Services
This training program hosted by Michigan Promotional Products Association provides insights into how and why to sell Brand Media and Engagement services.
The Untapped Power of Brand Media
An e-book compendiums of principles, definitions, research, and best practices in on the use of brands in gifts; rewards, recognition, loyalty and motivational events.
E-Book: Is Your Brand Powerful Enough to Motivate and Inspire?
A comprehensive guide for chief marketing officers, CEOs or business owners to help determine if your brand and products and services have what it takes to succeed in the emerging world of Brand Media in business, event, promotional gifting and rewards, and motivational meetings.
BMC YouTube Show: The Art of Brand Media, Experiences, and Surprise and Delight. (60 minutes.) Click here
Summary: This program addresses the growing concept of brand media—the selective use of brands for incentive, recognition, loyalty, promotion, gifting and amenities program—and the increasingly popular concept of surprise and delight gifting. Attendees will get a fresh perspective on the story telling power of brands. 
Panelists: John Geysen, Product Marketing Manager, HMI Performance Incentives; Cary Goldman, Director, National Accounts; 1-800FLOWERS.COM;  Barb Hendrickson, Visible Communications, and co-author of the “Principles of Results-Based Program Design,” published by the Incentive Marketing Association; and Marc Matthews, CEO and Founder, Pulse Experiential Travel.

BMC YouTube Show: Brand Fulfillment Essentials (40 minutes.) Click here
Summary: Four experts in the corporate marketplace provide insights for anyone in management tasked with utilizing brands in any type of organization gifting or event; incentive, recognition, or loyalty program; or amenity program.  
Panelists: Mary Anne Comotto, Owner, Schaffer Partners Inc., a leading master fulfillment company in Cleveland; Adrienne Forrest, Vice President Corporate Sales, Citizen Watch America; Cary Goldman, Sales Director, Enterprise B2B, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC., and Scott Kooken, Owner, Links Unlimited, Inc.
The Brand Media Guide
A growing compendium of Brands that explains their story, brand personality, demographics, and customization and personalization capabilities, as well as where to buy them from authorized master fulfillment companies or brands.

Promotional Distributors in the IRR Marketplace

Why Distributors Need to Take Advantage of the Power of Brands
This article explains the reasons why brands make so much sense for distributors.
It’s Time for Distributors to Become Promotional Consultants
The time has come for distributors to diversify to help clients deal with one of the most pressing issues of our times made even more urgent in the Covid-19 crisis—how to fully engage and build meaningful relationships with all critical stakeholders.

Rewards and Recognition

Art and Science of Rewards and Recognition
An e-book compendiums of principles, definitions, research, and best practices in the world of rewards
and recognition.
Psychology of Gifting Applies to Business as Well
Forget about price; function counts; delayed gratification is okay; don’t be afraid to give people what they ask for, and favor experiences summarize the best advice for gifting, asserts a University of Virginia psychologist.
Three Short Videos for Managers on Training and Rewards and Recognition
These three short videos provide everything organizations need to train managers on effective recognition processes.
EEA Youtube Show--Total Rewards, a Great Idea, Rarely Practiced. (30 mins.) Click here
Panelists: Derrick Barton, Chief Talent Leader/CEO, Center for Talent Solutions at KeepPeople.com and  Founder, Incredible LIFE Network; Jervis DiCicco, Chief Engagement Officer of ProsperBridge at ProsperBridge.org, and Darwin Hanson, President & CEO at Talent Management Evolution at TMEvolution.com. 
Strategic Culture: Beyond the Warm and Fuzzy. (60 minutes.) Click here.
appreciation; Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance, London Business School and author of the recently published, Grow the Pie, who will be sharing his research on the economic benefits of engagement but also a new equation for making decisions based on smarter human-capital analytics; Gary Rhoads, CEO of Xvoyant.com, and Professor Emeritus, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Marriott Graduate School of Business, who will provide the perspective of an early pioneer in Enterprise Engagement as creator of Allegiance, now MaritzCX, a customer experience company, and more recently of Xvoyant, a sales engagement SaaS platform that is yielding fascinating insights on sales behaviour based on empirical data; and Barbara Porter, Managing Director, EY, who has managed culture both as a CEO of her own company and as an advisor to many others. 

Corporate Gifting

The Art and Science of Corporate Gifting
A comprehensive guide to corporate gifting.
A Complete Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Gift-Giving
Details on corporate-gifting practices.

Incentive Programs

Loyalty 4.0: From Transactional to Experiential and ROI Measurement
An opportunity to take a fresh look at the economics and benefits of loyalty strategies to make sure they optimize results.
The Coming Need for Incentive Program Design Expertise
What you need to know about providing professional design services to organizations.
Channel Engagement Essentials: Walk in the Shoes of Your Resellers. (35 minutes) Click here.
Panelists: Paul Donehue, President, Paul Charles & Associates, a sales and communications advisory firm; Steve Pulchalsky, head of sales and marketing for The Gapp GroupLincoln Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, HMI Performance Incentives, a full-service performance improvement company. 

Sales Engagement Essentials: The Generational Shift Has Arrived. (30 minutes.) Click here.
Panelists: Peter Goldberger, Senior Partner, Incentive Team; Dan Cilley, Chief Executive Officer, Vendor Neutral; Dean H. Mutter, VP/Chief Revenue Officer, Luxe Incentives; Ira Ozer, President, Engagement Partners and Innovation Meetings.

The ESG and Engagement Connection--"Moving From Social to Stakeholders". (40 minutes.) Click here
Panelists: Dawn Conway, CEO of Boost Engagement; Brian Galonek, CEO of All Star Incentive Marketing, and Rob Purdy, CEO of CarltoneOne Engagement. 

Enterprise Engagement Technology Essentials. Click here.
Panelists:  Joseph Keller, President, Enterprise Engagement at AugeoRob Purdy, Founder and CEO at CarltonOne Engagement, and Bob Randall CEO at Transcend Engagement LLC

Channel Engagement Essentials: Walk in the Shoes of Your Distribution Partners. Click here.
Panelists: Paul Donehue, President, Paul Charles & AssociatesSteven Pulchalsky, Head of Sales and Marketing, The Gapp GroupLincoln Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, HMI Performance Incentives.

BMC YouTube Show: Brand Fulfillment Essentials (40 minutes.) Click here. 
Mary Anne Comotto, Owner, Schaffer Partners Inc., a leading master fulfillment company in Cleveland; Adrienne Forrest, Vice President Corporate Sales, Citizen Watch America; Cary Goldman, Sales Director, Enterprise B2B, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC., and Scott Kooken, Owner, Links Unlimited, Inc.

BMC YouTube Show Tactical Session: Sales Incentives Effective Design. (60 minutes.) Click here.
Panelists: Allan Schweyer; HMI Performance Icnetives exec Lincoln Smith, and ROI of Engagement and Business Operating System expert Todd Hanson, CRP, CPIM, of Catalyst Performance Group pack in multiple insights on how to design a more effective, ROI-based sales incentive program. Afterwards, Weber Grills grillmaster Kevin Kolman tells the Weber brand story and show how to turn a Weber gift into an experience, even in the time of Covid. 

EEA YouTube Show: Effective Employee Engagement Tactics. (60 minutes.) Click here.
 Solange Charas, Founder, HC Moneyball, a SaaS-based human capital analytics and benchmarking platform, and who has held senior-level HR positions with leading firms; Al Cini, Founder of the BCAT brand alignment methodology and platform; Peter Goldberger, Senior Partner, the Incentive Team, a sales engagement specialist; and Barb Hendrickson, President of Visible Communications and editor of the Certified Professional of Incentive Management program of the

EEA YouTube Show--Motivational Event Update: Pandemic Spurs Big Changes in Group Travel. (30 minutes.) Click here.
Panelists: Rick GarlickVice President, Magid, a management consulting firm,and Chief Research Officer, the Incentive Research Foundation; Stephen Cook, Owner, Lorandus Meetings & Communications; Jacque Salentine Busby, Chief Incentive Strategist, Luxe Incentives; Kate Cardoso, Director, Strategic Services, HMI Performance Incentives.

EEA YouTube Show--Employee Engagement Essentials:  It Starts at The Top.  (30 minutes.) Click here
PanelistsMichael Anderson, Partner at Anderson Global Talent LLC and Chief Human Capital Officer in the Obama Administration, as well as of Housing and Urban Development; Rick Garlick, Vice President MAGID, a management consulting company and Research Advisor for Incentive Research Foundation, and Kevin Sheridan, a worldwide expert on employee engagement, author of multiple books on employee engagement, and developer of the PEER assessment product.

EEA YouTube Show--Individual Travel Essentials: Surge Expected in Individual Incentive Travel. Click here.
Panelists: Peter Friend, Founder and President at Global Hotel Card by Expedia and Global Experiences Card Powered by Viator; Rick Garlick, Vice President, Magid; Chief Research Advisor, Incentive Research Foundation, Marc Matthews, CEO, Founder, Pulse Experiential Travel.

BMC YouTube Show--Essentials in Golf Incentives, Rewards, and Gifting. (30 mins.)  Click here.
Few consumer categories went through a bigger transformation than golf as a result of the pandemic. Locked-down families went to golf courses in record numbers and brought the kids, as it was one of the only activities that remained safe. This Enterprise Engagement Alliance Zoom Show, sponsored by the Brand Media Coalition, provides the essential information incentive, rewards, recognition, and gifting planners need to get the most out of their golf programs, whether merchandise, travel, or both. 
Panelists: Corey Wolfe; Director of Sales, Links Unlimited; Marc Matthews, President & CEO, Pulse Experiential Travel; John Geysen, Director of Product Marketing, HMI Performance Incentives. 
BMC YouTube Show: Interest Grows in the Storytelling Power of Brands. Click here.
Panelists: Brian Galonek, President, All Star Incentive Marketing. Rick Garlick, Vice President, Magid, and Research Advisor to the Incentive Research Foundation; John Geysen, Director of Product Marketing, HMI Performance Incentives; Megan Shea, IP; Director of Loyalty Programs, Links Unlimited Inc.

EEA YouTube Show--Total Rewards 2.0: At the Convergence of Rewards, Recognition, and Benefits. (45 mins.)  Click here.
Panelists: Maggie Drucker, Co-Founder, Chief Relationship Officer, ProsperbridgeMissy Dunn, Vice President, Client Salesof Abenity Inc.Matt GregoryAssistant Vice President of Lockton CompaniesDarwin HansonCEO, TMevolution.comBob RandallCEO, Transcend Engagement.

EEA YouTube Show--Effective Business to Business Development Practices. Click here.
A video show and article summing up the latest, most effective business development processes.
BMC YouTube Show--IRR Town Hall Industry Meeting: Is it Time for a Got People Campaign? (65 mins.)  Click here.
Meryl Moss, Meryl Moss Media Group; Tyrone Smith, Udemy; Steven Simmons, Association of National Advertisers; Allan Schweyer, Chief Academic Advisor, Incentive Research Foundation, Senior Executive Consultant, Center for Human Capital Innovation; Darwin Hanson, CEO, Founder, TMEvolution; Sandra Daniel, Fire Light Group; Dean Mutter, Luxe Incentives; Lincoln Smith, HMI Performance Incentives; Mike May, Bright Spot Incentives and Events; Paul Hebert, Program Design Expert; Corey Wolfe, Links Unlimited; Jeff Dalton, Paramax.

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