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Klosebuy Launches Managed Services Platform to Support Local Merchants

Klosebuy has added a new managed services feature to its local marketing platform to help marketing agencies seeking to enhance and automate their offerings to local and business-to-business clients. According to Frank Fennell IV, the company’s co-founder, “Klosebuy is a patent-pending, all-in-one digital advertising, social media, communications and consumer engagement platform” to manage integrated marketing campaigns including promotions, social media, digital advertising, events, coupons and useful information directly to their customers. RRN first reported on the platform last year (see: Hot Product to Watch: Klosebuy Aims to Transform Local Marketing.)
The Klosebuy platform recently won the annual Innovation Battle, a live competition at the Southeast Acquirers Association, an organization of credit card processors. “Many small businesses lack the time and resources to effectively manage even a platform as simple as Klosebuy,” explains Fennell. “Klosebuy Managed Services was created to allow agencies to simply and easily manage thousands of merchant clients from one local portal.” 
The platform is designed “to help marketing agencies provide added value, reduce attrition, enhance differentiation and create a new stream of ongoing income,” says Fennell, adding that while there are many channel partners such as credit card processors, chambers of commerce and franchises that can benefit by bringing the Klosebuy solution to their member companies or customers, the local merchants need more support than those organizations can provide. “The local marketing agencies are already playing that role,” he points out. Fennell explains that Klosebuy Managed Services “allows partners to simply and easily manage the marketing of potentially hundreds or thousands of merchants in their area without any investment in licensee fees, hardware, or integration.” The merchants pay a small monthly fee for the software that agencies can mark up, he says, as well as charge their clients additional fees for the design, implementation and measurement of marketing campaigns. “A company can be set up on the platform in minutes, and there are no licensing fees to agencies who use the service,” Fennell adds. 
Klosebuy is based on an app consumers download to access all the Klosebuy merchants or, in the case of a business-to-business application, wholesalers and distributors. All offers and communications are pushed out through the app to make sure the consumer has a consistent experience. “Everything is permission-based,” Fennell says, “with all live data fed into Klosebuy in a format that can be shared with merchants.” 
“Recognizing that marketing agencies are busy too, our Managed Services package comes with complete support based on the needs of our partners, including training and education of staff; delivery of printed collateral; three to 30 active digital advertisements; ad management; bi-monthly mailers; bi-monthly push messages; social media engagement; an optional closed-loop loyalty program; and monthly analytics.” 

Go to Klosebuy.com for more information.
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