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Master Fulfillment Companies: The Little-Known Linchpins of the IRR Market

Links UnlimitedIf very few people in business have ever heard of the Incentive, Rewards, and Recognition (IRR) field, even fewer have ever heard of master fulfillment companies: the backbone of the marketplace. 

Types of Master Fulfillment Companies
Merchandise and Gift Card Master Fulfillment Companies
Partners for Incentives Click here for links to BMC preferred solution providers.

Master fulfillment companies stock, decorate, and fulfill the brands and gift cards used in incentive, recognition, loyalty, event gifting, promotions, amenities, fund-raising--any type of organizational programs involving brands and retail gift cards. Here’s an overview of US and international master fulfillment companies for brands and gift cards, their services, along with a chart enabling readers to quickly evaluate and compare their level of capabilities and commitment to this market and their specific services.
Luxury BrandsThe most sophisticated of these companies serve as a designated distribution hub for leading brands; stock the critical products needed for ongoing redemptions no matter what the season; provide customized and personalized fulfillment of rewards; create APIs (electronic connections) for automation of online catalogs and fulfillment, along with management of bulk or drop-shipping and interface with and support for third-party or end-user companies that require brands for IRR and other business applications, etc.
Confirming the latest Incentive Federation Inc. 2022 Market Study indicating that the majority of the estimated $176 billion in rewards are sold through online or brick-and-mortar consumer channels, there are probably no more than 40 or so traditional master fulfillment companies (originally known as jobbers), or stocking distributors of brands or gift cards specifically for the corporate market. Most of these companies, with the exception of the corporate sales divisions of retailers, are relatively small, with few having annual sales of even close to $1 billion.

Types of Master Fulfillment Companies

They fall into four basic categories.
  1. Traditional master fulfillment companies (jobbers) that provide complete end-to-end stocking, distribution, decoration, electronic catalog management for IRR resellers and end-users and support for brands serving the corporate market. Some of these provide international fulfillment.
  2. Traditional retailers that have corporate sales departments, such as 1-800FLOWERS.com, Amazon, Crutchfield, and Best Buy, of which only a few focus on the IRR market with anything close to the types of services provided by traditional master fulfillment companies. (Amazon does not mention the incentive market on its business web site; only a few retailers have a link to corporate bulk sales on their web sites.)
  3. Gift card consolidators, which provide essentially the same services as traditional master fulfillment companies, which includes fulfillment, customization, API feeds for catalogs, and support for gift card brands serving the corporate market.
  4. International fulfillment companies, which provide drop-shipping services outside of the borders of the US for merchandise and/or gift cards. 

Merchandise and Gift Card Master Fulfillment Companies

All the descriptive copy for the companies below comes essentially unedited from their web sites so that readers can assess for themselves the level of commitment to this market and the types of services these companies believe are required to meet IRR industry needs.
If you know of a company left out of this report, please email Bruce Bolger at Bolger@TheEEA.org.


Business gifts from the best in the gifting business.
  • From startups to Fortune 500 companies, organizations of every size rely on our more than 40 years of experience to make their gift giving simple and effective.

Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Provider.ct and stay connected with employees, customers & prospects.

Discover Our Brands

  • 1-800-Flowers.com
  • Harry & David
  • 1-800-Baskets.com
  • Shari's Berries
  • Simply Chocolate
  • FruitBouquets.com
  • Cheryl's Cookies
  • The Popcorn Factory
  • Wolferman’s Bakery
  • Stock Yards
  • Personalization Mall
  • Alice’s Table

Amazon for Business  (Retail)
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  • Quantity discounts. Save 5% or more with quantity discounts on over 60 million products starting at just two units of the same item.

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  • Personalized program consulting.

  • Largest in-stock merchandise selection.

  • Leader in automated fulfillment.

  • Unrivaled logistics capabilities.

  • At PMC, our singular goal is to flawlessly execute the fulfillment portion of your incentive program. 

  • We’ve developed a proven system of program components that may be used stand-alone or combined into a complete turnkey fulfillment engine. 

  • From your initial consultation with one of our Incentive Representatives to customized fulfillment solutions priced to fit your budget, PMC is a partner you can trust to help maximize your incentive, promotion, and direct-response programs.

AMA Systems

  • AMA Systems is one of the largest special market distributors in the USA.

  • AMA Systems provides customized business solutions and distribution for special niche vertical markets and the process of developing and deploying services for our clients to enhance their value focusing on the areas that can be most important to their overall success of their organization.

  • AMA Systems is a “concept-to-market” domestic and international privately held company whose mission is to provide analysis and deployment services for your products and services both domestically and globally.

  • AMA Systems over the last 30 years focuses on working with specialized vertical markets bringing our global partners and manufactures together. AMA assists in the development of its clients brand, products, and services though out the world with a focus in new and emerging markets.

  • AMA Systems helps to penetrate these markets through our established distribution networks within these regions securing and maintaining stability. 

AMC Special Markets
The best in premium products and service.

  • AMC Special Markets is a marketing company providing high-end, branded merchandise for the corporate and incentive marketplace.

  • AMC exclusively represents a number of quality retail manufacturers by providing sales, customer service support and product management to the promotional products industry.

Best Buy for Business (Retail)

  • Provides nationwide, customized technology and A/V solutions for offices, schools, hotels, builders and more.

  • For smaller purchases, sign up for a free online business account and get access to exclusive savings.

  • Holiday gifting made easy. We can help simplify employee and customer holiday gifting with a personal, automated and scalable approach that delivers gifts they’ll love.

  • Elevate your brand with your customers and boost employee morale with branded gifts. Add your logo using color printing, engraving or custom wrapping.

BH Network  (Gift Cards)

  • Provides gift cards, prepaid incentive cards and more for employers and merchants.

  • We’re shaping the future of global branded payments.

  • Whether you’re selling your gift cards or want to offer a gift card category in-store or online, our gift card management solutions can help build your business.

  • You'll benefit from our scalable platform, extensive network and smart ideas based on industry-leading experience.

Branded Logistics
Customized Premium Products to Promote Your Brand…A supplier of premium products from the likes of Otterbox, Lifeproof and Speck.

We offer custom-printed and laser-etched products from these leading brands to equip you with the best of the best! Together, we can represent your brand on a whole new level.

Cassidy Company
Since 1978, Cassidy & Company has been helping our customers put together incentive programs using brand-name products.

In addition to the tools provided on this web site, our personnel can provide assistance with your program needs.

Castle Premium
Brand name products for corporate gifting, reward programs, and on-site fitting events.
A Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Provider.

  • Castle Merchandising provides leading brands for incentive, reward, recognition, loyalty, and promotional programs.

  • We are authorized by many brands to run on-site event gifting, which truly makes any event a memorable experience.

  • We take great pride in our great customer service, trained event staff, brand partnerships, and drop-ship fulfillment capabilities.


  • Recognition for any business occasion

  • Today’s latest brand assortment

  • The gift of their choice

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • 17 different plateau price levels

  • Three times more memorable!

  • Web-based rewards and recognition platform

  • Universal rewards “currency” of points

  • Comprehensive management tool

  • Simple administration and fulfillment of one

  • or multiple enterprise-wide programs

  • Thousands of brand-name merchandise rewards.

Computer Incentives
We are your source for quality branded computer and electronic incentive products.

  • Computer Incentives has proudly been providing exceptional products and service for over 20 years.

  • High quality products from tablets to a complete office with computer desktops, notebooks, and other related items, we offer a wide variety of technologies and products. 

  •  Nationwide service: We have a nationwide base of skilled sales representatives to assist in creating a custom incentive program for your company.

Crutchfield for Business
The Crutchfield difference. For 48 years we've helped connect people with the electronics and A/V gear they need-- and provided legendary service and tech support after the sale. We'd like to do the same for you and your co-workers.

Dedicated account manager. Tax exempt. Instant quotes. Net 30-day terms. Competitive pricing. Free tech support.

Employees, partners, customers, suppliers, contractors, etc. are your company’s greatest assets. Give them more than a gift.

  • Great gifts hit different. Corporate gifting has always been a thing. But let’s face it, the gifts have traditionally been expected, impersonal, and wasted. People receive a generic gift. The giver checks it off their list. But there is no actual appreciation expressed or felt. As the Gifting Experts, we know that unwanted gifts erode relationships, and unexpectedly great ones cement them.

  • We’re ushering in a new breed of corporate appreciation.

Digital Products International
Our mission: to provide quality, value-driven consumer electronics and services to our customers and retail partners. For over 50 years, our comprehensive design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and logistics have worked together to bring uncompromising products to everyone. With a commitment to integrity and innovation, we hope to bring joy to all through the power of technology.

  • Depth. We have a wide range of product categories spread across several leading brands and offer the latest technology—while still offering timeless legacy products. Our vast catalog and comprehensive services give us the ability to cater to our partners’ needs and offer consumers plenty of options.

  • Team. A company is only as good as its personnel. With a full team of engineers and quality control in Hong Kong and right here in the US, excellent quality is assured. Product sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution, and support work together seamlessly to ensure all demands are met.

  • Flexibility. Beyond our many brands and extensive selection of consumer electronics, we take pride in our domestic, full-color, in-house decoration equipment that allows us to print corporate logos and custom graphics for our partners.

Global Rewards Solutions (US and International).

  • One Cloud, Millions of Rewards
  • Over 10 million of the world’s coolest rewards are now available for your program.
  • Reward Cloud delivers merchandise to 185 countries plus enables virtual rewards such as event tickets, retail & prepaid gift cards, mobile top-up & online travel.

A Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Provider.

  • Personalized by a Revolutionary Rewards AI.
  • Inspiring positive outcomes and creating true behavior change requires motivational rewards that are personally meaningful.
  • We use machine learning and neural net algorithms to find what your members will love. Enriched by patterns of the rewards a member has searched, clicked, or redeemed for, our Reward AI suggests new rewards that match their interests.
  • The Personalized Storefront Reward AI truly personalizes the shopping experience, making it more engaging and rewarding for your members.

Looking for a unique gift? You're in the right place. Who have you thanked today?

  • Employees who feel appreciated achieve more.
  • Customers who feel appreciated buy more.

Harco solutions include:

  • Sales incentives
  • Safety incentive
  • Service award program
  • Employee recognition
  • Performance improvement
  • Corporate gifting
  • Consumer loyalty
  • Reward, recognition programs, and gift recipients want to choose from the highest quality major brands. Harco provides the most aspirational merchandise that motivates.

  • Harco offers 700 plus nationally recognized brands. Working with a “Master” factory-direct distributor enables you to buy at discounted prices yet retain the high-perceived value of these global brands that are so important to recipients. We’re proud of our reputation for transparency and collaboration and appreciate the trust that our clients and suppliers place in us.


Helix Global Solutions (US and International)
Recognition. Encourage performance, reward success, motivate sales, and recognize effort.

  • We can help you create incentive programs designed to motivate employees, drive sales, and increase the bottom line. Recognition for a job well-done inspires excellence, participation, effort, and productivity.

  • Leading with a carrot rather than a stick, you’ll notice tangible results with incentive programs that offer real prizes, from gift cards and drones to box seats and global travel. Reward and be rewarded for a job well done.

Incentive Concepts

  • Elevate recognition and every day listening.

  • Bring fun to life with creation rewards.

  • Decorated gifts for every occasion.

  • We deliver the best, better. Better service, better business practices, and a better reflection of brand values.

  • And what we deliver is the very best. Incentive Concepts markets, sells, and distributes highly desirable merchandise and we create the perfect experience to deliver corporate gifts.

  • Incentive Concepts makes business better by helping companies reward their employees and their customers — positioning brands in an environment of integrity and reward — and creating a culture of loyalty that strengthens the bottom line while growing business.

Incentive Merchandise Fulfllment,
a division of Certif-a-Gift.

  • Simply looking for blind product fulfillment or large quantities of a specific item? IMF is your one-stop resource for brand-name merchandise.
  • Let the IMF team handle the tedious process of sourcing, branding, bundling, packaging, and delivery of your merchandise while you concentrate on everything else to make your program a huge success.

  • Thousands of gift options from Apple® to Weber® – You name it, we’ve got it. The latest brands, models, and lifestyle categories (domestic and global.)

Incomm (Gift Cards)
Gift Card Programs and Solutions. Your trusted partner for building a physical and digital gift card program that drives profit.

  • Celebrating 30 years of payments innovation. It’s been our privilege to work with our partners over these past three decades, connecting consumers the world over to the products and services they want and need while constantly striving for the next big things in the payment space.

Distinctive name-brand watches.

Editor’s note: There is no additional copy except a link to a section on specials and customization.

National marketing company. Select brands for corporate gifts and incentives.

Editor’s note: There is no additional copy except:
Click here to download the line list.


  • Creating physical connections in our digital world.

  • We are a consumer engagement agency that brings brand stories to life. By creating multi-sensory experiences through real merchandise solutions, we motivate consumer action, increase brand loyalty, and engage personally, emotionally, and physically. It’s all done by design to make an impact on consumers and for your brand.

What we do:

  • We think through every step (so you don’t have to).

  • When we say end-to-end solutions, we mean it. From the very first step through development, execution and back-end analysis, our process is designed to be effective and efficient.

  • We provide end-to-end solutions: insights, merchandise, engagement strategy, design, logistics, digital, and concierge service.

Links Unlimited
Easy and innovative solutions for your procurement and fulfillment needs. Motivate. Promote. Fulfill.
A Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Provider.

  • Amazing brands, distinguished distribution. Quite simply, we seek out great brands, partner with them, and distribute their products quickly and efficiently to special markets.

  • We strive to surpass customers’ highest expectations by being experts in the products we represent and by providing exceptional fulfillment services each time, every day.

  • Our goal is to create a positive, seamless experience from start to finish that is reflective of the standards of our brands and pleases your customers. Leave the heavy lifting to us. Loyalty, incentive, corporate gifting, promotional products, procurement, fulfillment.

Loyalty Source (division of Incentive Concepts in Canada)

  • Rewards marketplace management. Loyalty Source designs, develops, and manages loyalty reward marketplaces.

Over 400 brands and over 4,000 rewards.

  • With distribution rights to over 400 brands and a catalog of over 4,000 carefully curated rewards, Loyalty Source offers the most diverse portfolio of best-selling merchandise and digital rewards from categories such as electronics. fashion, travel, home appliances, decor, and much more.

  • Custom-branded rewards experience; gift-wrapping customization.

Luxury Brands, a division of GGIWW GGI - Luxury Brands

  • Luxury Brands brings a fusion of dynamic, elegant and quality products for the reward and incentive industry. Crossing multiple categories enables us to offer what your client’s desire to meet their event and program needs.

A Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Provider.

  • Onsite-gifting programs. Take the next step with your program with on-site fitting and redemption services. Luxury Brands offers program options and a product mix to fit most budgets.

  • We can custom-fit the gift of your choice by the pool, in an exhibit hall, at a sales meeting, or anywhere else as needed.

  • We do the work while you relax and enjoy all the credit for giving Luxury Brands corporate gifts at your next event or in your program.

  • Luxury name-brand products. We offer a wide selection of the highest-quality, luxury brand name products to provide the perfect gift.


  • Captivate your employees. Engage your customers.

  • Fulfilling lifestyle enhancing products to the special markets and premium incentive industry.

  • Best-in-class brands. Popular brand name products designed to inspire.

  • Jobber fulfillment. Complete distribution services with fast turnaround.

  • Online hosting of incentive programs and company stores.

  • In-house decoration services to make a bigger impact.

The tech products everyone wants.
At prices nobody has. Get wholesale branded consumer electronics from brands like Apple, Samsung and more with the lowest minimums, best rates, and fastest delivery available. Yes, really.

Great tech. Great service.

  • We have both in stock.

  • We’ve built our name by providing our diverse customer base with excellent service, always.

  • Unlike other CE distributors, all of our products are in our warehouses this very minute. It’s how we offer same-day shipping and hard-to-believe rates.

One Concept (International)

  • You are looking for excellent rewards? Along with the most up-to-date products we provide the complete fulfillment of the rewards throughout Europe, Switzerland, and UK.

  • We can complement our offer by creating your individually tailor-made rewards shop by means of our SaaS system oneRewards.

  • In 2015 we started One Concept as a small team of experienced, dynamic experts in the rewards business. It has since been our aim to not only offer a broad, up-to-date portfolio of prestigious products but to put special attention to their transparent and reliable fulfillment at the same time.

  • We are proud that nowadays the handling is done by our own two logistic centers. To provide a real one-stop service, we also offer to create and operate your individual rewards shop by means of our modular SaaS system oneRewards.

Partners for Incentives
America’s premier dedicated third party incentive merchandise fulfillment and program administration resource. Incentive Programs,

  • We offer customer loyalty, employee performance, safety  incentive, wellness, years of service.

A Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Provider.

Services We Offer:

  • Program administration: A full-service Incentive & Recognition Company, PFI can handle as much or as little Incentive Program Administration as necessary. From program implementation, to order verification and processing, to award shipment, PFI has the professional and experienced staff to provide quality administration and support for any type of Incentive Program.

  • Plus technology; merchandising; customer service; sales support; creative services; proposals; and international fulfillment.

Power Sales
Your supplier to the premium and incentive world.

  • We are committed to providing the best in customer service along with an expansive and diverse product base. With this combination, we maintain a level of flexibility that allows us to create individualized solutions to match your needs.

  • One-stop shop: The most diverse and expansive product base in the industry. We warehouse over 7,500 products from over 375 brands.

  • Distribution. Technology. Customization.

O’Rourke Incentives 
Premium incentives.
OSC provides significant fulfillment services to the nationwide premium and incentive channel for various programs including customer loyalty, employee loyalty, years of service, travel gifts, and safety awards.

  • These programs have a wide range of use within many different industries such as banking, hotel/resorts, casino, industrial, transportation, and more. Caesars Entertainment, FedEx, Bayer, UPS, Cargill, American Express, and US Bank are just a few of our valued clientele. We also utilize RepLink services; the central database that showcases available products within the incentive industry.

  • As part of our personalized service, we’ll help select the right award or gift according to your goals, demographics, and corporate culture.

  • We can even ship directly to a recipient’s home upon redemption through our fulfillment services. OSC provides inventory management and fulfillment so that you have what you need when you need it.

With over 50 years of incentive experience, Premco offers a full range of services to meet your loyalty program needs.

  • Founded in 1968, Premco Associates is a full-service supplier/distributor of recognizable brand name products for incentive, rewards, and loyalty programs and corporate gifts. 

  • We create and implement large scale programs while offering smaller customized corporate gifts. 

  • The combination of premium brands, dedicated customer service, and innovative technology ensures success for our customers.

Pro Am Golf
No. 1 in golf rewards fulfillment.

Brand Media Coalition Preferred Solution Provider.ct 

  • Founded in 1975 by Thomas D. DeGrand, Pro Am Golf specializes in providing golf equipment to companies in the incentive and rewards industry. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Pro Am Golf concentrates on maintaining the highest level of customer service through dedicated, knowledgeable staff, and by offering the highest quality products.

  • Services: Event experiences; incentive programs; inventory management; program assistance; order management, promotional products.

Procurement International (International)
Aspirational rewards. Global reward fulfillment. Premium quality products.

  • Fulfilling the world’s most aspirational brands for reward and loyalty programs, Procurement International is a leading, award-winning specialist supplier of aspirational brands and premium products offering a fulfilment service. supporting the world’s biggest reward and recognition agencies.

  • Our ultimate aim is to provide clients with the most rewarding experience, with seamless fulfilment and stress-free solution, regularly rewarding participants in over 125 countries.

Stark Premium
Experience the Stark difference.
What is the Gifting with the Stark Difference? Quite simply, it is our approach to the market in three key areas that guide everything we do.

  • An Eye for Style - Whether it is a luxury handbag or a yoga mat, our product collection represents a certain style. A style that allows a gift recipient the opportunity to express their own sense of self, their own style. The founders of Stark Enterprises received their start in the fashion-rich setting of Florence, Italy and have carried that forward to today.

  • A True Partnership - Our success depends on your success. We have built our processes and support structure around making our customers look good to their customers. We have the ability to support individual client needs.

  • Focus on the Market - This market is our home; this is all we do.

Stoner Bunting (Gift Cards)
More solutions. Exceptional service. Better results.

  • Fueled by the power of technology and unrivaled analytics, SB Collectiv is a team of experienced gift card sales experts backed by a full-service marketing agency and best-in-class strategic alliances.

  • This new collection of familiar gift card partnerships and products provides merchants with the most complete portfolio of solutions in the industry for maximizing gift card sales.

Tourneau Gifts and Awards (Retail)

  • Reward your valued employees and clients with a fine gift from Tourneau.


  • Work with our expert specialists to choose from a comprehensive selection of top brand watches, fine jewelry, and writing instruments that can be used for: Years of service awards, sales awards, meeting event gifts.

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Education, Certifications, and Information to Activate
Brand Media and Enterprise Engagement 

A complete learning, certification, and information program and a course syllabus for educators.
Resources: The Brand Media Coalition, the only guide to the story-telling power of brands and where to source them for business, event, promotional gifting, and rewards and recognition. Enterprise Engagement Solution Provider Directory. The only directory of engagement solution providers covering all types of agencies and tactics as well as insights on how to select them.
Communities: The  Enterprise Engagement Alliance and Advocate and the  Brand Media Coalition free resource centers offering access to the latest research, news, and case studies; discounts, promotions, referrals, and commissions, when appropriate to third-party solution providers from participating coalition solution provider members.
Training and Certification
Enterprise Engagement Alliance Education: Certified Engagement Practitioner; Advanced Engaged Practitioner, and Certified Engagement Solution Provider learning and certification programs on how to implement Stakeholder Capitalism principles at the tactical level. 
International Center for Enterprise Engagement: The only training and certification program for ISO 30414 human capital reporting and ISO 10018 quality people management certification. 
A CEO's Guide to Engagement Across the Enterprise cover
The EEA offers a complimentary course syllabus for educators.
In Print: 
This is the definitive implementation guide to Stakeholder Capitalism, written specifically to provide CEOs and their leadership teams a concise overview of the framework, economics, and implementation process of a CEO-led strategic and systematic approach to achieving success through people.  (123 pages, $15.99)
The first and most comprehensive book on Enterprise Engagement and the new ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 quality people management standards. Includes 36 chapters detailing how to better integrate and align engagement efforts across the enterprise. (312 pages, $36.) 
10-minute short course: click here for a 10-minute introduction to Enterprise Engagement and ISO standards from the Coggno.com learning platform.
•  The Engagement Agency at EngagementAgency.net, offering: complete support services for employers, solution providers, and technology firms seeking to profit from formal engagement practices for themselves or their clients, including Brand and Capability audits for solution providers to make sure their products and services are up to date.
•  C-Suite Advisory Service—Education of boards, investors, and C-suite executives on the economics, framework, and implementation processes of Enterprise Engagement. 
•  Speakers Bureau—Select the right speaker on any aspect of engagement for your next event.
•  Mergers and Acquisitions. The Engagement Agency’s Mergers and Acquisition group is aware of multiple companies seeking to purchase firms in the engagement field. Contact Michael Mazer in confidence if your company is potentially for sale at 303-320-3777.
Enterprise Engagement Benchmark Tools: The Enterprise Engagement Alliance offers three tools to help organizations profit from Engagement. Click here to access the tools.
•  ROI of Engagement Calculator. Use this tool to determine the potential return-on-investment of an engagement strategy. 
•  EE Benchmark Indicator. Confidentially benchmark your organization’s Enterprise Engagement practices against organizations and best practices. 
•  Compare Your Company’s Level of Engagement. Quickly compare your organization’s level of engagement to those of others based on the same criteria as the EEA’s Engaged Company Stock Index.
•  Gauge Your Personal Level of Engagement. This survey, donated by Horsepower, enables individuals to gauge their own personal levels of engagement.
For more information, contact Bruce Bolger at Bolger@TheEEA.org, 914-591-7600, ext. 230.
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