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RRN Briefs: NextLevel, BI Honors...Threat to Credit Card Rewards?...Bonusly Launches Performance Platform

Here’s a roundup of news, research, surveys and more in the IRR (incentive, rewards, and recognition) market.

NextLevel and BI Worldwide Win Top Workplace Awards
Incentive Federation Warns of Threat to Credit Card Programs
Bonusly Launches Platform Aimed at Enhancing Performance

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New Jersey-based Next Level Performance and BI Worldwide in Minnesota have received recognition from local organizations for their workplace experiences...In a special report for the Incentive Federation, George Delta says pending legislation might have an impact on credit card reward programs....Bonusly, a recognition technology company in 2013, has launched what it calls a performance platform.

NextLevel and BI Worldwide Win Top Workplace Awards nextlevel Performance

NextLevel Performance has received this best workplace designation from New Jersey Business. The 2024 honorees across small (15 – 49 employees), medium (50 – 249 employees) and large (more than 250 employees) employers are based on the results of a survey conducted by BridgeTower Media’s Best Companies Group, according to the announcement in NJBiz.
Bi WorldwideThe program confidentially collects data, allowing workers to share feedback about their employers, and for those companies to learn from and act on that knowledge.
BI Worldwide Minnesota employees surveyed by Energage ranked it among the 200 employers earning the Minnesota Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces for 2024.

Incentive Federation Warns of Threat to Credit Card Programs Incentive Federation

A bipartisan group of legislators led by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Sen. Roger Marshall, M.D. (R-KS), Sen. Peter Welch (D-VT), and Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) have introduced H.R. 3881/S.1838, the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023. The aim is to change the way credit card transactions are processed in order to lower credit card processing fees, reports George Delta, Incentive Federation legal advisor, in this recent report.   
The proposed law is intended to reduce the fees paid by merchants to card issuers and banks by creating more competition. Because it would change the way credit card fees are paid, it could affect the viability of current cash back, points, and other incentive programs, Delta notes. The law is based on the fact that merchants in effect underwrite the costs of such loyalty programs out of the 2% to 3% of revenues they pay for accepting cards while providing no direct benefit to their own retail or related businesses.

Bonusly Launches Platform Aimed at Enhancing Performance Raphael Crawford-Marks

Bonusly, a Colorado-based provider of rewards, recognition, and employee engagement solutions aimed at “helping companies cultivate high-performing organizations,” has launched Bonusly Achieve. The new platform aims to transform “today's burdensome, outdated, and infrequent performance management processes into personalized, weekly, and relevant interactions between managers and their employees to drive higher engagement and better outcomes.”
Explains Raphael Crawford-Marks, Founder and CEO of Bonusly, "Bonusly Achieve marks a pivotal milestone as we aim to transform traditional performance management processes and the systems that support them.”
The Bonusly Achieve performance enablement solution is designed to “improve manager effectiveness, offer clear performance insights, and drive a deeper commitment to continuous employee growth.”  The platform includes peer feedback, collaborative meeting agendas, employee recognition, AI-powered notes, and manager tools, the company reports.
Thomas TurnerSays one of its customers in the announcement, "Bonusly's peer-to-peer recognition and employee engagement solution has been a game-changer for Minnesota United FC," according to Thomas Turner, Senior Manager, Guest Experience and Employee Engagement. “Bonusly aligns with our core organizational beliefs and seamlessly integrates into our daily operations via Slack and a mobile app. With a monthly employee participation rate of around 80%, Bonusly has boosted morale and strengthened inter-departmental relationships. The positive impact on our culture and employee engagement is palpable.”
Features of the performance enablement solution include:
  • Collaborative 1:1 Meetings. Managers and employees work together to create engaging one-on-one meetings. Collaborative agendas standardize conversations, facilitate relationships, and prompt growth-oriented feedback conversations, the company claims.
  • Built-In Manager Tools and Best Practices. The platform includes helpful manager tools, best practices, and prompts to “develop exceptional managers on the job through.”
  • Contextual Recognition Activity Integration. Employee recognition given through Bonusly are seamlessly integrated into one-on-one meetings for better transparency of team member performance and acknowledgment, according to the company.
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition. The company says organizations use the platform to foster belonging and community with peer-to-peer recognition that breaks down silos, increases collaboration, and offers transparency into employee contributions that might have gone unnoticed.

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