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Part II: How to - The Essence to Success: Program Design

Published: Mar 15, 2016

If one can draw any single conclusion from all of the research conducted over the last 30 years related to engagement and performance, it's the need to have a formal strategy that identifies the key audiences that can affect an outcome and all of the levers necessary to foster their proactive involvement in achieving organizational goals. Despite the inclination to "dumb down"... [ read more ]

Part I: How to - The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards

Published: Mar 7, 2016

Over the last 20 years, the incentive, recognition and rewards (IRR) business has seen an explosion in reward innovation, starting of course with online programs, but also including a wide variety of different merchandise products, gift cards, e-vouchers, digital rewards, personal fittings and travel experiences. Despite such innovations, program design appears to ... [ read more ]

Best Design Practices for Customer Referral Programs

Published: Feb 18, 2016

Everyone knows that word of mouth is the best advertising; it literally costs nothing because, according to Gallup research, customers who feel "wow" about a company will willingly share their happiness with friends or colleagues without any incentive at all. The smartest customer referral programs leverage the ... [ read more ]

Budgeting for Recognition Pays Off

Published: Dec 2, 2015

Recognition is an essential part of any successful engagement strategy. Directly addressing the very human need for acknowledgment and purpose solidifies the relationship of employees to the organization, and also provides direction to keep the team on track to achieve company goals. ... [ read more ]

8 Questions That Can Help Ensure Success

Published: Nov 2, 2015

In the case of incentive and recognition programs, answering a few basic questions can make the difference between measurable success and ending up behind the 8-ball... [ read more ]

9 Questions to Answer for Smart Rewards Selection

Published: Sep 22, 2015

Managers in operations, marketing, sales and human resources programs often turn to incentives to hit key short-term goals. Many like the simplicity of the "do this, get that" notion and in such cases feel that spot incentive programs can provide just the jolt needed to achieve certain goals. ... [ read more ]

Rewards in the Era of Engagement

Published: Aug 10, 2015

The emerging field of engagement is putting a new emphasis on careful selection, presentation, and customization of packaging, delivery and rewards. A pair of sunglasses. Pretty standard stuff. Most of us have a few around the house or in the car. Lose a pair, pick up a replacement at the drugstore.... [ read more ]

Wellness Incentive 'Optum'-ization

Published: Aug 6, 2015

In the April 23, 2015 online edition of Employee Benefit News, Richard Stolz authored an article about the increasing use of incentives in wellness programs as a means to create "urgency for results." He cites new research from Optum (a division of UnitedHealth Group) that indicates programs offering... [ read more ]

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