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Xoxoday Lands Exclusive With Uber Eats for Business

Published: Jul 17, 2023

In an increasingly unusual win, worldwide enterprise engagement technology provider Xoxoday announces an exclusive partnership with Uber Eats for Business. While exclusive distribution deals became more prevalent in the IRR (Incentive, Rewards, and Recognition) industry after the Great Recession, when many major brands rapidly shut down special markets, the practice of brand exclusivity for any industry player is increasingly rare. ... [ read more ]

End of Third-Party Cookies Are Yet Another Opportunity for the IRR Market

Published: Jul 12, 2023

As if the growing challenges of engaging customers, employees, distribution, and supply chain partner communities were not enough, or the need for many large companies to make very specific stakeholder engagement disclosures in the new European Union Corporate Sustainability and Reporting Directive, marketers now face the daunting task of shifting to an almost totally permission-based approach to marketing. This is creating yet another opportunity for the effective use of incentives. ... [ read more ]

RNN Updates: Engagement Remains Low; Sodexo Name Change; New IRF Program; Antavo Loyalty Adds GRS; Achievers Study; Incentive Solutions CRO

Published: Jul 4, 2023

A recent Gallup survey finds that employee engagement rate rises to a palty 23%. Sodexo changes its name to PLUXEE but retains the Inspirus brand and suite of services. Antavo Loyalty integrates with CarltonOne Global Rewards Solutions. IRF launches program to develop incentive talent; Achievers study finds link between recognition, engagement, and productivity; Incentives Solutions names new CRO in top management reorganization. ... [ read more ]

Study Highlights Risks of Peer-to-Peer Recognition Programs

Published: Jul 4, 2023

It is well-known in the recognition field that the best results are achieved when the managers giving the recognition receive ongoing support and coaching on how best to express appreciation to employees. This study indicates that employees in peer-to-peer recognition programs require the same training. ... [ read more ]

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