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To Enhance Your Recognition Program, Start With a Sound Culture

Published: Apr 8, 2024

Many companies mistakenly believe that they can enhance their cultures with recognition, or that recognition and incentive programs can help them achieve their purpose, goals, and objectives without addressing cultural issues. In fact, recognition is only one factor contributing to great cultures, and no recognition or incentive program can overcome the negative impact of toxic cultures for long. ... [ read more ]

PPAI Report Suggests Distributors Are Playing Overlooked Role in IRR Market and Gifting

Published: Mar 18, 2024

The recently published Promotional Products Association International Market report and the popularity of Stanley mugs in the promotional market suggest that the promotional products industry is playing a far greater role in the incentive, rewards, and recognition market than one would know based on the amount of prominence dedicated to brands, incentive, and recognition at their shows or in the industry media, education, and research. ... [ read more ]

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