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Essentials in Golf Incentives, Rewards, and Gifting

Published: Apr 26, 2021

Few consumer categories went through a bigger transformation than golf as a result of the pandemic. Locked-down families went to golf courses in record numbers and brought the kids, as it was one of the only activities that remained safe. This Enterprise Engagement Alliance Zoom Show, sponsored by the Brand Media Coalition, provides the essential information incentive, rewards, recognition, and gifting planners need to get the most out of their golf programs, whether merchandise, travel, or both. ... [ read more ]

Luxe Incentives: The Lessons of Selling ROI Before Its Time

Published: Apr 19, 2021

For 30 years, Jacque Busby has helped leading clients reward their top sales performers with extraordinary travel experiences and has first-hand witnessed the motivational value of these programs. Management, she says, were often so convinced of the impact that many organizations did not seek out the return-on-investment processes and measures prevalent in other industries. ... [ read more ]

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